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Xiyan degradable packaging materials teach you how to distin

True and false corn starch tableware editor
1. It can be divided into three aspects
a. Visual observation shows that the starches are of sub light type, and some of them are light yellow or milky white. The color of non starch products is dark or bluish white.
b. Odor discrimination means that starch products have light corn paste smell or plant smell after heat generated by friction between similar products, and other products have plastic smell.
c. Combustion discrimination means that the red flame of the two kinds of products is starch, the blue flame is other, the black powder is starch, and the lighter powder is other.
2. The main components are carrier resin, corn starch, coupling agent, sizing agent, phase solvent and other low molecular weight components.
3. Floating objects can be caused by two conditions
a. Excessive lubricant addition and incomplete devolatilization in the process make the residue deposited on the product surface.
b. Inorganic matter, such as talc, is formed by excessive addition of heavy calcium.