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Disposable environmental degradation tableware manufacturers

Biodegradable materials green leader, starch based biodegradable plastics, is a kind of plastic products made by blending starch with other polymers after modification and grafting reaction. It can replace general plastics in industry, and can be used as packaging materials, shockproof materials, plastic films, food containers, toys, etc. The properties of starch are related to the relative molecular weight of starch, the length of amylopectin and the ratio of amylose to amylopectin. Experiments show that starch with high amylose content is more suitable for the preparation of plastics, and the products have good mechanical properties. At present, the mechanical properties of starch plastics have basically reached the standard of traditional plastics. However, because starch itself has water absorption, the material will absorb water in humid environment, resulting in a serious decline in mechanical properties, and the higher the starch content, the more serious the problem Even completely soluble in water.

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