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How to choose disposable lunch boxes?

NEWS / 2021-08-03 15:33

In recent years, the disposable lunch boxes on the market have changed from foam lunch boxes to environmentally friendly lunch boxes. The original foam lunch boxes have been eliminated because they are not resistant to high temperatures and the production process has caused damage to the environment. Plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, wooden lunch boxes and biodegradable lunch boxes have been replaced.
disposable lunch boxes
Among them, plastic has become the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable lunch boxes because of its low toxicity, high melting point, high plasticity, simple production and relatively low cost. Such as PP plastic lunch boxes, corn starch biodegradable lunch boxes, PP polypropylene, etc., have excellent mechanical and thermal properties and are suitable for packaging meals. PS polystyrene is rigid, fragile, non-toxic and tasteless, especially suitable for frozen food packaging such as cakes or salads.
The lids and boxes of disposable meal boxes are all made of food-grade imported pp plastic, which does not contain any additives and is 100% plastic and does not emit odor when heated to ensure health and environmental protection. So, how to choose a meal disposable meal box both environmentally friendly and hygienic?
1. Look at the outer packaging, carefully check whether the packaging label is marked with the state must be marked, such as "product name, product implementation standards, production date, shelf life, health license". If the label content is incomplete or not standardized, it is best not to buy such lunch boxes.
2. Look at the box body. Quality lunch box body color should be uniform, clear outline, the mouth of the box should not be obvious dents or folds. If the inner wall of the box is rough and feels astringent, it means that there are solid residues on the inner wall; when the light is illuminated, the box surface material has obvious irregular small black dots; if so, it means it is an inferior product.
3. Look at the box mouth, pay attention to the box mouth flat and smooth, no waste edge, burr, the cup should be clean and transparent, uniform thickness, no impurities, bubbles, water lines, fish eyes and other phenomena.
4. squeeze, choose a good hardness of the lunch box, try to choose the wall thickness hard lunch box. When selecting a lunch box, you can use your hands to gently squeeze on both sides of the lunch box, so you can roughly know the hardness of the box.
5. Look at the elasticity. Disposable lunch boxes should be sealed in plastic bags and should not be damaged. Unsuitable lunch boxes are easily contaminated by the environment and hygiene is not guaranteed.