Huizhou Xiyan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating environmental protection, scientific research and marketing.
The company is located in Xikeng Industrial Zone, Zhongkai high tech Zone, Huizhou. At present, the company has 4 special production lines for bio based degradation materials, more than 30 sets of equipment, with an annual production of more than 4000 tons of bio based materials and products. It is an important manufacturer of biodegradable materials and products in China.
The company has nearly 60 employees, 5 engineering and technical personnel, engaged in bio based materials industry for more than 8 years. It has a group of modern management team with high education background, high skills and high quality, among which young employees account for 78% of the total number, with an average age of 35.
The company produces bio based degradable materials, disposable consumer goods, household kitchen supplies, disposable office supplies, food packaging, medical supplies, etc., which have the advantages of high-end positioning and medium price leading. The market development and channel construction are developing rapidly, and the prospect is extremely broad. In China, the network marketing mode of distribution and agency has been formed. Internationally, the company's products have entered the United States, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.
The company has successfully developed and put into large-scale production of bio based degradable products. The content of bio base can reach 50-70%. The physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break and impact strength basically reach the level of similar petroleum based material products, and the cost is equivalent to that of petroleum based material products. The product has passed GB / T 18006.1-2009 (general technical conditions for plastic tableware), FDA food grade test and EU food grade test.
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Xiyan environmental protection technology is determined to provide the most professional and convenient station building service experience for every high-end appeal. We are a professional lunch box production organization, providing simple but not mediocre convenient lunch boxes with brand-new visual design and excellent user experience. Let every customer use the healthiest and safest lunch box. We mainly produce disposable lunch boxes and degradable lunch boxes to contribute to the greening of the earth and the application of fertilizer to the soil.

  • Focus on high-quality disposable lunch boxes, as well as degradable and compostable lunch boxes

  • We will rely on excellent design strength and professional design services to create the best disposable lunch box, degradable lunch box.

  • Help everyone to use the best degradable lunch box, so that everyone can eat at ease and use at ease.